Keep it Clean, Keep it Pure, Keep it Simple

I get asked a lot about the essential oils and herbs that I use to create Kind Folke products. The quality and purity of the ingredients that are used are key in making the products effective and safe. When possible, I try to include locally grown and chemical free herbs. When it is necessary to order herbs, I love Mountain Rose Herbs. Their products are certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested, and Kosher. They are a small company out of Oregon and are a delight to work with. As far as essential oils, I have fallen in love with Floracopeia, There are a lot of good essential oil companies. Within these companies, there are many people who swear that the company they back produces the only pure oils or that their company is the only company to trust. I do not believe this at all but, it is important to be choosey about the oils that you put on and in your body. I chose Floracopeia because their oils are pure and contain no additives or fillers and are not chemically derived. They use the highest quality, wild harvested, and organic plant material. They also support ecologically conscious farmers, who they have personal relationships with. One of the other key reasons I like to carry Floracopeia in the studio is because they do not practice any pyramid scheme business techniques. They have a straightforward approach with no other incentives than to promote their oils because they are of the highest quality and they work. Not to say that some of the other companies'  essential oil qualities are not as good, because many of them are, but this straightforward approach resonated with me. I like to keep the business side of Kind Folke as pure and simple as the products that are used.