Kind Folke Chakra Balancing Stone Meditation Kit


Kind Folke Chakra Balancing Stone Meditation Kit


A Chakra Balancing Stone Kit to help you vibrate in a more balanced and healthy way. Stones can help ground you into the present moment and keep your focus as you meditate. They can also act as little reminders on an intention you are trying to integrate more fully into your life. You might want to bring your attention to each area and allow any feelings to rise to the surface, without judgement. Then, visualize brining those feelings into balance. Another meditation might involve coming up with a mantra for each chakra based on the properties of that chakra. Each kit contains 8 stones and a Kind Folke carrying bag: 

HEMATITE- Grounding Stone- Grounding, Balancing, Protecting- A very calming stone that repels negative energy (works well when placed at feet or held in palms to help ground down and enhance meditation)

MULADHARA (ROOT) CHAKRA- Red Jasper- Safety, Healthy, Secure, Stable- Place at base of spine/pelvic floor or hold in hand. 

SWADISHTHANA (SACRAL) CHAKRA- Carnelian- Creativity, Sexuality, Emotions, Self-Expression- Place in line with your hips, on sacrum, or hold in your hands. 

MANIPURA (SOLAR PLEXUS) CHAKRA- Citrine- Self-Worth, Ego, Instinct- Place around navel, on the center of your back, or hold in you hand while meditating. 

ANAHATA (HEART) CHAKRA-Rose Quartz- Love for others, Self-Love, Compassion, Forgiveness- Place in center of chest or between shoulder blades. Can also be held or kept in pocket.

VISHUDDA (THROAT) CHAKRA- Sodalite- Communication, Listening, Honesty, Truthfulness- Place in center of throat or behind neck.

AJNA (THIRD EYE) CHAKRA- Amethyst- Cosmic Insight, Intuition, Visionary- Place between eyebrows. 

SAHASRARA (CROWN) CHAKRA- Clear Quartz- Connection to the divine consciousness, Meditation, Universal Love- Place on crown or above head. 

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