Kind Folke Herbal Consultations are conducted through a joint effort made by Wesley Pilcher and Kayce Johnson. There are a few different options and approaches to help ensure that you find the best fit for you. We will address each consultation in a holistic and thoughtful manner, providing suggestions based on your individual needs. 

Herbal Consultations are intended to help you understand specific concerns in your body (these could be outward physical symptoms such as skin concerns, scars, discoloration, etc.; internal symptoms dealing with organs, digestion, or pain; or mental symptoms such as lethargy, stress, depression, anxiety, etc.). Once you know more about the source of what is causing you discomfort, you can then begin to make decisions towards how to approach your healing process. These Herbal Consultations are not intended to diagnose or treat an illness, rather to provide a guideline to help you regain health and overcome or cope with symptoms. The recommendations made might include herbal tonics, diet suggestions, healthy activities to include in your daily routine, all natural body care products, and more. The suggestions will be fully individualized to meet your unique case. 

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