See what people are saying about Kind Folke products.

"Three years or so years ago, I was introduced to the wonders of Kind Folke. I seriously cannot say enough good things about their products. As a cell phone tower climber, I was in need of a seriously strong natural deodorant to combat the general body funk I would acquire during a long day of climbing. I had tried every natural deodorants at Whole Foods and other natural grocery stores without much success. By the end of an average work day, I smelled like half of a football team. All that changed after the first week of using Kind Folke Kind Stick deodorant. It kept me smelling good and the natural ingredients were gentle on my skin. I was hooked. I soon began incorporating the rest of the products into my daily routine. Black Beards Last Tangle keeps my facial hair luxurious and manageable, Bright Eyes combats the dark circles under my eyes, and the soaps rejuvenate and refresh my skin. Kind Folke is the only line of products I use now to keep me feeling fresh and clean. Highly recommended!"

- Dustin Cruseturner

The whipped body butter is amazing. I have been using it after I get out of the bath and my skin feels so much better.
— Karla Shepard
I use Kind Folke whipped body butter instead of store bought lotion to keep my skin from being dry specially during cold weather. It has helped keep my eczema at bay....the muscle rub is an all time favorite for muscle aches and pain, AND decreases itching and inflammation from little insect bites such as mosquitoes in the summer. I have gien it as gifts and many converts want more....thanks Kayce for wonderful products that are natural and reasonably priced for all to enjoy.

-Rowena Garcia

I went from using department name brand skin care products that I have been using for years to Kind Folke. My skin has never been this well balanced. I can't say enough about this entire line of product! Pure product with honest prices, I absolutely endorse Kind Folke!

-Pamela Jordan-Piraux


"I have been using the body butter for 3 years now, I never use anything else! No dry skin ever, amazing! Also I have been using the face cream for about 3 weeks now and have seen great improvements in my skin! All this and all of the products smell fantastic!"

-Conner Duesterbeck

"Love eye cream and face mist- can't wait to try more products!"
- Lindsay Pryor
"Love all of these products but the charcoal face bar is amazing!!"

- Kristen Johnson