New Moon, Fall Feels, Rituals for all the Feel Goods

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With all the Fall feels swirling in the air, you are likely to feel the effects of Vata season kicking in. What is Vata you ask? Vata is a type of Dosha recognized in the Ayurvedic sciences. It is a constitution that can represent itself as: cold, light, dry, irregular, rough, moving, quick, and changeable. One of the best ways to balance these effects is through "Abhyanga" or self-massage. Kind Folke's Vata Balancing massage oil incorporates warming essential oils into organic sesame carrier oil to help increase circulation, nurture your skin, and provide grounding for your mind and spirit.

This is a perfect addition to your new moon ritual, which hopefully includes taking time to set intentions for the month ahead. Draw a bath or find a quiet space, cleanse your mind of all distraction and ask yourself: What do you want for your life? How can you relate better to others? (libra governs all relationships) What do you want with a lover? What wishes do you want to flourish? Infuse the Vata massage oil with your wishes then lovingly massage the oil over your entire body, making broad strokes towards your heart. Imagine cradling your entire being with your intentions. Let the oil soak in for at least 7 minutes while you continue to meditate. Then, step into the bath and be carried away by supported bliss.